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Canna Software is dedicated to embedded systems development. We have over 25 years of experience working at all levels of hardware and software design. If you have heard of it or it is in the news, odds are we have developed with it.

When you need a new project designed in a short period of time, call Canna Software.

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Busy Bees
Written by Webmaster   
Monday, 31 December 2012
Well, I've begun working on my next project. It is very large and so far there is just me. As a consequence I probably won't blog as much.

Part of my work has involved the use of Cheetah3D (a very good program by the way) and Javascript (a vile language - but great for hacking). I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Javascript is one of those "make do" languages - if you had your choice of languages, it is NOT what you would want to use, but it will "make do".
How To Add Time Machine To Safari
Written by Webmaster   
Friday, 01 August 2008
I love Safari. It is really a great program. I really like the new Reopen All Windows From Last Session. However, sometimes I would click on a link in an email, open up one window, then shutdown Safari. As a result all the windows I had open in the previous session were gone.

What I needed was something like Time Machine for Safari. A way to go back in history and reload the windows I had inadvertently closed.

Fortunately, the solution was pretty easy, it just required getting my hands dirty. Click "Read More..." to find out the details.
Last Updated ( Friday, 08 August 2008 )
Fixing Ubuntu's Network Issues
Written by Webmaster   
Monday, 28 July 2008

I use Kubuntu (KDE version of Ubuntu) quite a bit. Since I run it under VMWare on my Mac Pro, I have had occasions when booting the virtual machine it does not see my network interface.

This is very irritating.

To fix this, do the following: 

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

This is what I use for my network: 

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Close the file and you are (hopefully) done. Now reboot the virtual machine.
Last Updated ( Friday, 01 August 2008 )
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